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Shapes, Patterns and Colors


The Batchelder Tile paver collection includes a variety of classic and specialty tile shapes. Available in modular sizes, this makes it easy to combine different shapes to create any number of field patterns and border designs that embody the essence of the Arts & Crafts movement. A 3/8" nominal joint spacing is recommended to achieve the rustic charm of that era. The tile is a 5/8" nominal thickness.

Classic Batchelder Tile shapes

Classic Shapes

Combine classic shapes to create a variety of fields and borders. Shapes include 4” hex, 4” squares, 2” squares, 2”x 4”, 2”x 2” triangles, 4-point and 5-point hex rim.

Speciality Batchelder Tile shapes

Specialty Shapes

The 6” stone-hammer and other specialty shapes provide unlimited creative options for one-of-a-kind historically authentic designs.


View the Patterns tab for design inspiration and a selection of available pre-mounted paver fields.

Classic Field Patterns

Pre-mounted options are available for the classic Craftsman and Ashlar patterns. These paver fields are pre-blended and assembled using a sturdy mesh which simplifies ordering and installation. The classic 4”hexagon field is sold loose to allow the selection of custom color blends.

Craftsman tile pattern

Ashlar pattern tiles

Hexagon tile pattern

Stone-hammer Field Patterns

Unlimited creative options result when designing with the innovative "stone-hammer" shape. This versatile shape, originally patented by Batchelder, is unique to this collection. It can be configured into many striking patterns, bringing originality and creativity to the design while maintaining the historic integrity of a period home. Below are some of our most popular historic patterns.

Stonehammer Pattern C

Stone-hammer Pattern C

Stonehammer Pattern G

Stone-hammer Pattern G

Stonehammer Pattern I

Stone-hammer Pattern I

Stonehammer Pattern K

Stone-hammer Pattern K


Download our Design Guide for a complete list of patterns.

View the Colors & Accents tab to choose from the four natural paver field colors and don't forget to accent your design with the unique glazed decorative accent tiles.

Create a harmonious field blend

The Batchelder Tile pavers are made of an unglazed, high-fired stoneware body. Natural clay pigments give each tile a unique quality and color, producing a surface rich in character, incomparable to a conventional quarry tile floor. The field palette consists of 4 color groups: red, brown, grey and natural. Considerable range can be expected within each color group, and when combined the result is a natural blend of color and tone.

Red tiles

Brown tile

Grey tiles

Natural tile


Decorative Accent Tiles

Accent your design with unique decorative accent tiles. These hand-carved low relief designs are authentic to the original Batchelder-Wilson Company's catalog from the early 1900’s. Hand-glazed and available in 6 different colored glazes, there are a variety of designs and shapes to accent your field and border patterns. All decorative accent tiles are made with the brown clay body.

Chocolate color palette

Fern color palette

Gold color palette