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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Batchelder Tile collection. If you can't find what you are looking for, or want more information, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Do you offer product samples?

Yes. A Batchelder Tile sample card can be ordered for a nominal fee of $5.00 per card. This sample card consists of pavers in all four clay body colors with one decorative accent tile for preliminary evaluation of the color, texture, thickness and quality of our pavers. We also sell larger sample display cards to give you an indication of certain patterns.

To evaluate the expected range of product characteristics (including color) or a specific field pattern then consider ordering a larger concept board.

Order your samples online by visiting the Samples section of our website. Sample cards are shipped within 24 hours of your request.

Can this cost be deducted from our tile order?

Yes. A sample order credit will be applied to the cost of your next (non-sample) order, upon request when the order is placed.

What sample options are available to the trade?

Trade accounts have additional sample options and resources to assist with your projects. Please register as a trade member or contact us directly to share your sample needs.

Do you have standard patterns that I can choose from?

Yes. The Craftsman and Ashlar options are standard field patterns inspired by Ernest A. Batchelder's original work, which was central to the American Arts & Crafts movement. These two patterns are pre-blended and pre-mounted to simplify ordering and installation. See our Products page to order.

Specialty field patterns using the versatile shape of the stone-hammer invented by Ernest A. Batchelder are unique to this collection. See our Patterns page to view our most popular stone-hammer field patterns and access design resources.

How do I decide on a color scheme? Can I get a custom blend of colors?

The paver field tiles are unglazed and available in 4 clay body colors: red, brown, grey and natural. Each displays a considerable range within the color group.

All pre-mounted paver fields are pre-blended with an even blend of all four colors.

Custom blends are possible when designing with the loose classic and specialty paver field & liner tiles. Specify an even blend of all four paver colors to achieve the historic Arts & Crafts look. However, since the tiles are sold loose, you have the flexibility to specify a custom color blend to suit your own style or pattern design. We've produced order sheets to assist you in the ordering process for our most popular patterns.

Download our Design Guide to access the order sheets or contact us for assistance designing with the specialty field.

How can I design a border with the Batchelder Pavers?

Borders are often used to frame the fields. More intricate border designs are an opportunity to add decorative accent tiles.

Use the loose classic and specialty paver field & liner tiles to create a border. View our Batchelder Tile Design Guide for existing border options or contact us for assistance designing with the specialty field.

How do I decide on a glaze color for the decorative accent tiles?

Single colors may be specified for your accent tiles, or you can order a random mix. All decorative accent tiles are made with the brown clay body. See the Colors & Accents page for the available glaze options.

Can I use these pavers in the design of an outdoor space? Can they be incorporated with other landscape pavers?

The Batchelder Pavers are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They have been tested to withstand free-thaw cycling in colder climates.

These pavers are 5/8" thick which is thinner than many other landscape pavers. We recommend that these pavers be mortared in place with grouted joints. They would not be suitable to partner with other pavers that are mounted and set in a sand bedding mix.

How do I determine how much tile to order?

The pre-mounted fields are ordered by the sheet; please reference product details for exact sheet size.

The loose specialty field tiles are sold by the square foot. Don't forget to specify the paver body color blend in a percentage of each color (example: 50% red, 25% brown, 25% grey). Order sheets are available to assist with quantity calculations for our most popular stone-hammer patterns.

Determining the correct quantity of pavers is the responsibility of your installer. They will be able to account for the necessary overage (extra tile) required so they won’t run short at the end of the job.

How do I order the decorative tiles?

The decorative tiles are sold by the piece, so it is essential to specify how many of each design and the specific glaze color for each piece. Please refer to our decorative accent tile page or Design Guide to view all options.

What is the lead time for ordering Batchelder Pavers?

Batchelder Tile pavers are in stock and available for Quick-Ship! Depending on the scope of your project and design, however, we may have to produce some pieces especially for you. Your sales associate will be able to confirm lead times when the order is placed.

How will my order be shipped?

Options for shipping your tile order include FedEx package (Ground and Express) delivery and FedEx Freight. The final cost of each shipping method will be calculated once all of your tile selections are submitted as a purchase order. Your sales estimate will reflect the least expensive shipping method if you have not stated a preference. Customers also have the option to arrange for pick-up using their own preferred shipper.

Can you expedite my order?

Heritage Tile offers expedited FedEx Next Day, 2nd Day Air and Priority Freight shipping options for stock orders that need to be on the job site fast. Please note that orders received after 3:00 PM CST may not ship until the next business day.

How can I find out when my tile will arrive?

A shipping confirmation is sent via email with your tracking number. Freight shipment confirmations will include a website where you can find the contact information for the local service center, who will contact you to arrange a delivery appointment for residential destinations.

What if some pavers are damaged in shipment?

For normal FedEx package shipments, Heritage Tile carefully double-boxes all shipping cartons to minimize the possibility of tile damage. Should you find damaged tiles due to improper handling, contact us immediately so we can assist you in filing a damage claim. Remember to save all shipping cartons as they may need to be inspected by the shipping company. For freight shipments, note any signs of external damage pallet, then contact us so we can assist you further. Refer to the our Shipping and Returns page for our complete shipping policy.

 What color of grout should I use?

The color and intensity of the grout that you choose can have a significant effect on the overall look of the tile installation. The robust grout line (3/8") is an important contributor to the Arts & Crafts aesthetic of your Batchelder Tiles. Generally, in our installations, we have used a darker grey or brown grout. Be sure to consult with your tile contractor about grout selection.

Do my pavers need to be sealed before we use the floor?

Tile sealing is another important step to discuss with your tile installer. We recommend applying a penetrating enhancing sealer prior to grouting the pavers. This step has dual purposes: to act as a grout release to prevent a grout film from forming on the unglazed tile surface and to deepen the tile color. A second application of a penetrating enhancing sealer is required once the grout has cured. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for suitability and proper application of any sealer.

Refer to the “Installation & Care Guide” for our complete installation guidelines.

What if I need more pavers to complete my project?

Place your order for the additional tile needed on the project as soon as you can. We will treat your ‘add-on’ order as our highest priority to minimize your delay in completing the project.

Don’t hesitate to request our assistance in reviewing your order with you. While your installer is responsible for calculating & confirming the tile quantities needed for the project, we can check for items they may have overlooked.

 What should I do with the leftover pavers?

The amount of tile ordered for any project should always include some amount of extra tile or ‘overage’. This is necessary to prevent the possibility of a shortage near the end of the project. A tile shortage can be both annoying and costly, so plan for a reasonable amount of tile to be left over. Place this extra tile in a safe place where you (or the next homeowner) can find it should the need arise someday.

In the event that a mistake is made and you have more leftover tile than expected, please review our Shipping and Returns page for more details.


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