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Historic Craftsman Bungalow Tile

Historic Craftsman Bungalow Tile

Bungalows are a type of residential architecture that was popular across America between 1890 and 1940. Its origins can be traced to the Indian province of Bengal, where the British adapted the native thatch roofs into homes for administrators and as summer retreats. The word Bungalow stems from the Hindi word "bangala," which literally means "in the Bengal style" and refers to a low, thatched house.

Bangalas were later refined and popularized and dubbed the Bungalow in California, where the first American version was built by San Francisco architect A. Paige Brown in the early 1890s. Bungalows soon popped up in Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., as investors marketed the affordable and practical homes to the exploding middle class. At one point, Bungalows were so popular that Sears and Montgomery Ward sold mail-order Bungalows for as low as $900. Bungalows were built in the US until 1930, when they peaked, and had distinctive characteristics and color schemes that today's homeowners still love.

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Our Bungalow Subway Tile Glazes are inspired by the colorful, yet subdued and relaxing hues from historic Bungalow interiors. A traditional Bungalow color palette is based on natural colors, including browns, greens, blues and neutral tones. With a soft, satiny finish, our Bungalow Tile glazes includes historic colors like Seafoam, Sunbeam, and Tea Rose that were inspired by chinaware sinks and ceramic accessories that we discovered at antique fairs. Using our Subway Ceramics tiles in Bungalow Tile glazes, you can reproduce a classic Bungalow style design, complete with mouldings, accent liners, trim and historic field tile compositions.

Bungalow Subway Tile Gunmetal glaze recalls the muted, naturalistic hues of a Bungalow interior. We love how Gunmetal glaze lends a subdued backdrop to this kitchen, and blends seamlessly with the stainless steel. Relaxing, yet alive with color.

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