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Uses and Applications

Batchelder Tile pavers are an ideal flooring solution for entryways, patios, conservatories, mud rooms, sun rooms, and fireplace hearths. Produced of high-fired stoneware, these pavers are durable and practical for use indoors and out. Their softly textured surface makes for firm footing, even when wet and their natural, through-body color variations will resist showing wear or discoloration even with heavy use.

Our pavers are an authentic reproduction of the original Batchelder-Wilson tiles of the early 1900's, so the original catalog is just as relevant today to describe our products and their ability to add rustic charm to any space:

"A study of the catalog will demonstrate that in the matter of color alone this material offers unlimited possibilities to the designer or decorator...The stone-hammer shape offers interesting opportunities in the design and installation of pavements. The material is 5/8" thick and is designed to coordinate with our standard 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4 units. The effect of a pavement using this shape is unique and dignified. It is obvious that care must be taken in the layout scheme. If a scale of 12-1/4" on joint centers is maintained the units will fall into place with approximately 3/8" mortar joints."
~Batchelder Pavers - A Catalog of Tiles and Designs manufactured by the Batchelder-Wilson Company [Third Edition - 1929]

Uses and Application of Batchelder Tile