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Batchelder Tile in greenhouse

Batchelder Tile

Authentic charm. Enduring craftsmanship. Timeless design.

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The Revival of Batchelder Tile

Heritage Tile is committed to bringing the most authentic, historically accurate tiles back to the American home. Our passion for reviving the Batchelder Tile began with inspiration from Ernest Batchelder himself. This artisan and craftsman innovated stoneware pavers in Pasadena, California between 1909 and the depression era of the 1930's. The warm and inviting aesthetic enhances both interior and exterior environments, preserving a unique and harmonious design that embodies the Arts and Crafts movement. The color palette of Batchelder Tile accurately represents this historical place and time and celebrates the classic tilework of the American craftsman home.


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These natural, rustic pavers complement sunrooms, entryways, hearths, and patios. Indoors or outdoors, Batchelder pavers add historic charm to your home.